We Are OFORI 💖


Meet Daniella Addison, the heart and soul behind Ofori. She's more than just our CEO; she's a visionary who grew up in the vibrant, diverse streets of Toronto. Here, Daniella learned invaluable lessons from her mother about nurturing beauty on a budget, which she now lovingly shares with the world. Daniella's journey wasn't without its challenges, as she faced colorism and turned to products that she later realized were not in line with embracing her true self.

At Ofori, we're not just selling products; we're on a mission to rewrite the narrative around blackness and beauty. We believe in educating and lifting our BIPOC community, celebrating our diversity as our most beautiful asset. Daniella, with her background in nursing and holistic health, infuses this ethos into every aspect of our brand.

From her personal struggles and triumphs, Daniella has crafted a hair and skincare line that's more than just cosmetics; it's a symbol of empowerment and self-love. She's not just our founder; she's a friend who's walking alongside you on this journey of self-acceptance and holistic well-being. Join us at Ofori, where every product tells a story of hope, strength, and the beauty in being unapologetically you.

1. Comprehensive Business Review: At Ofori, we conduct an in-depth review of your business, examining everything from your core operations to your long-term objectives. Our focus is on aligning your business practices with your mission, values, and cultural ethos, ensuring they resonate with your target market. We also perform a thorough HR evaluation to maintain fairness and compliance, vital for businesses catering to diverse communities.

2. Culturally Informed Insights: Post-assessment, we merge your team's perspectives with our findings to provide culturally relevant, insightful analyses. This approach is especially crucial for businesses like Ofori, which serve diverse audiences.

3. Strategic Implementation: We don't just offer recommendations; we partner with you to put effective strategies into action. Our goal is to strengthen your business's vision and culture, ensuring it thrives sustainably. For Ofori, this could mean developing retention strategies to keep valuable team members or tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of a business that emphasizes diversity and inclusivity.