Our Story

Ofori Beauty's mission is to create a society that is aware, informed, knowledgeable and equipped
to make informed decisions about the products and processes marketed to BIPOC consumers that harm and hurt, while taking away from their natural state of

Danielle Addison is the CEO and founder of Ofori Beauty, a company creating educational content, tools and resources to teach and instruct BIPOC (Black Indigenous and People of Colour) consumers on the decades of
social conditioning that produced generations of minorities resorting to self-harming ideologies and beliefs about blackness, beauty and the
standardization of conformity within the industry.

Danielle was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Having grown up in a multicultural city like Toronto, Danielle was exposed to various cultural practices that help maintain overall well-being. Growing up in a lower socioeconomic environment, her mother taught her how to achieve and maintain clear skin and healthy hair on a budget. As she entered her teen years, she began experiencing colorism causing her to use skin bleaching and chemical relaxing products to lighten her skin colour and straighten her hair.

Ofori Beauty will not only challenge this perspective but will also change the hearts and minds of BIPOC consumers for the greater good of society. Our products and services operate with a dual purpose that cultivates consumers’ perceptions around identity, acceptance and self-care that crosses multiple
customer segments by honouring and celebrating our diversity for its beauty.

Combining her love for holistic living and health, Danielle obtained her bachelor's degree in nursing and brought her knowledge of holistic living into her practice.

Danielle's passion for hair and skin has led her to launch her own hair and skincare line to enhance the confidence and quality of life of those struggling with skincare issues and type 4 hair.

"I love learning new ways to care for my hair and skin and sharing beauty secrets with my consumers by integrating this knowledge into my hair and skincare line." - Danielle